Camera Systems

Home invasion destroys your sense of privacy in what should be the one place you can feel completely safe and comfortable.  Investing in a camera system will give you peace of mind in addition to admissable evidence in the event you need to file charges.

Our surveillance camera systems/CCTV security camera systems help businesses and real estate management companies reduce theft, vandalism and shrinkage while protecting profits. Our business system products & installations can include access control systems and video intercoms to ensure several layers of building security.

We at Safe Guard Security understand the convenience of owning a powerful camera system so we carry numerous options that can be customized for any need or budget: 




  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems can protect your property in case of an intruder. Closed Circuit means Only You have access to the footage your camera system provides.
  • 2-camera systems up to 16-camera systems  (32 cameras also available)
  • Cameras with built-in infrared for night vision
  • Dome and Bullet styled cameras
  • Smart phone monitoring available on some systems
  • Touchscreen television monitoring available on some systems
  • Digital Video Recorders that store footage for weeks





Surveillance camera systems can be simple or elaborate. Ultimately they all serve the same purpose: you and your family or you and your employees' safety and peace of mind.

With more than 15 years of experience, Safe Guard Security is able to create safer homes and environment through installation of indoor and/or outdoor security cameras. We also offer nanny cams and intercom systems.



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