Medical Alert Systems

Make your home safer!

Did you know 70% of falls occur at home?
Falls pose a serious risk to seniors but If a senior receives help within the first hour, there is 90% chance they will return home. If a senior does not receive help within six hours, there is 90% chance they will require a nursing home.

Safe Guard Security is here to help.

A Medical Alert System is the answer to a swift response!
Medical Alert System gives seniors and their family peace of mind. You want the assurance that help is on the way for a senior you know and care for.

With all of the security options available today, you can save money and keep your elderly family member at home where they are most comfortable. We don’t just provide you with the best and latest products, we provide lifestyle solutions. Call us and one of our security experts will visit your home for a free consultation. They will explain all of your options, pricing, scheduling and everything involved. Let your loved ones keep their independence while you keep your peace of mind (and more of your money in your pocket).

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