Fire Alarm Systems

Protect lives, property and valuables with monitored smoke and heat detectors. Unlike standalone detectors, these devices are integrated into a complete systems package and linked to our central station.

Monitored fire alarm systems call the fire department even when you can't!

Fires sometimes start when you are sleeping or when you are gone. They start in remote parts of the house where a system can detect it before you're aware of what's happening.

Monitored detectors offer additional protection because when smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the central station that summons the fire department. This can save you from fire damage or minimize it considerably.

Safe guard Security offers industry leading fire alarm services and systems designed to be easily integrated with your other safety and security solutions. We can help provide fire detection, signaling and control systems that indicate and warn of alarm or abnormal conditions, as well as help summon fire and rescue services if needed. Our knowledgeable team will help ensure your facility is kept up to date with all the relevant codes and regulations.

Fire Alarm Services and Safety System Benefits:

  • Protect your assets, family and business with monitored fire alarm systems.
  • Addressable fire alarm systems pinpoint the exact point of the fire alarm for larger facilities.
  • Receive notice of critical condition changes, such as temperature or the presence of water.

Fire Alarm Services and Safety Solutions: 

  • Conventional fire alarm solutions.
  • Addressable fire alarm solutions.
  • Critical condition monitoring solutions.
  • Carbon monoxide (C02) detection.

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